Making a Difference where we are


Why did i receive this card?

We as a church have decided to no longer sit around while hoping to see change in our community but instead have decided to make a difference one person at a time. What would happen if people began to look out for others and show them love in practical ways? What if a church full of people could decide that they would be United as One in serving their community through the relationships they already have?

We no longer want to ask “What if” but instead “What is” going to happen. You received this card because someone from Bethel Assembly cares about you and wanted to bring Joy to your life today there was nothing random about it. We believe that as Jesus has affected us and brought Joy to our life in the midst of any circumstance we should then take that Joy and make a difference in others as well. If you want to learn more about this movement or why we do what we do as a church feel free to browse our website or visit us on a Sunday morning at 10:45.

Pastor Jonathan